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Sexually Transmitted Infection



Sexually transmitted infections can only be passed on from one person to another by intimate sexual contact. This means that you cannot be infected by shaking someone’s hand, by coughing or spitting, by sitting on a toilet seat or travelling in a tram or bus. STIs are not carried by insects or other animals. You cannot pass on an STI by caressing, kissing, mutual masturbation or ejaculating on someone’s leg. Even oral sex is not necessarily infectious: it depends on how it is done and if perhaps little wounds are present.


How do you contact an STI?

The bacteria, viruses are other micro-organisms which cause STIs can only survive in an environment which is moist and warm and has the right composition. Sperm and blood are the most suitable liquids. Also, to move from one person to another, they must penetrate the skin, which is only possible through the thin mucous membrane on the inside of the penis, vagina, anus or mouth.

Outside an intimate sexual contact, STIs can only be one transmitted by injections or blood transfusion. Or from mother to foetus, which actually is a form of blood transfusion because the blood of the mother passes through the foetus.

How do you know that you have an STI?

In the first place, you can have symptoms, in the second place you probably know that you’ve had unsafe sex in the recent past. Symptoms are, for instance, a burning feeling during urination, strange discharge from the penis or vagina or anus, or any of the other symptoms discussed below.

The combination of symptoms and recollection together form a pretty reliable indication that you may have an STI. You can then visit your doctor or a clinic. Most large hospitals offer free and anonymous consultation. These problems results in the following premature ejaculation treatment in chennai, impotence treatment in chennai, infertility treatment in chennai, sexual problem for men, sex clinic in chennai.


Gonorrhoea, mostly called the clap, is caused by a bacteria. This nestles in the mucous skin on the inside of the vagina or the penis and multiplies itself there.


Symptoms of gonorrhoea

An infected area of the skin turns red, and there is usually some yellow and green discharge from the vagina or the penis. In anal or oral sex, the anus, and throat can become infected. Gonorrhoea is also transmitted during birth when the eyes of the baby come in contact with the wall of the vagina.

Symptoms of gonorrhoea are seen after a couple of days to a week after an infection. In boys, these symptoms are clearer than in girls, because the inside of the vagina is wider. Often in girls the symptoms of gonorrhoea are not noticed, because discharge from the vagina is a normal thing. She may feel abdominal pain, however. Boys usually do notice the discharge, which is mostly accompanied by pain during urinating.

Treatment of Gonorrhoea

Treatment of gonorrhoea
If you suspect that there is an infection due to recent unsafe sex, it is sensible to have yourself tested. This can be done by the family doctor, in special clinics, and in large hospitals. Testing gonorrhoea consists of making a smear of the surface of the mucous skin of the penis or vagina, or other infected area. The smear is then examined under the microscope. If the result is positive, you are given antibiotics. The person(s) with whom you have had sex should be informed so they too can have themselves tested.

It is not wise to leave the infection in place, for then the bacteria can spread to the internal genitals. Thus, in the course of months or years, the testicles or the fallopian tubes can become painfully inflamed and then blocked.


Aids is caused by a virus known since 1980 as HIV. This virus had of course already existed much longer. It is suspected that it was transmitted by apes. The HIV virus effects, they immunity system so that all types of other infections and diseases can occur put up. It is of such ailments that a patient dies.



How is AIDS transmitted?

AIDS can be transmitted by intimate sexual contact, when sperm or blood enters the bloodstream of someone else. But AIDS can also be transmitted by blood transfusion. So also from mother to foetus or through injections with unclean needles. The HIV virus only survives in certain liquids like blood or sprang. Then when it can occur in the vagina, and in menstruation blood.


Outside the body, the HIV virus is soon dead. One cannot therefore get AIDS from kissing, shaking hands, eating off the same plate, coughing or spitting, through tears or sweat or from bites by insects or other animals. Which produces the following problems like premature ejaculation treatment in chennai, impotence treatment in chennai, infertility treatment in chennai, sexual problem for men, sex clinic in chennai, best doctors in Chennai, erectile dysfunction treatment in chennai, sinus treatment in chennai, kidney stone treatment in chennai .

Fear of AIDS as it reached epidemic proportions, and in such cases patients suffer as much from social ostracism as from the infection itself.


Symptoms of AIDS

An infection with the HIV-virus need not result in illness. About half the people who carry the virus (are HIV-positive) never show any effects. Others suffer from various ailments, like fatigue, night sweat, fever, diarrhoea, swollen glands, coughing and skin cancer and finally succumb through general deterioration of all the vital functions.


Treatment of AIDS

Better and better medication is developed to slow down this process of slow and painful dying, but AIDS so far remains incurable. In poorer countries, medicines are not sufficiently available. AIDS is also a killer disease there because health services for in the many are generally inadequate, while safe sex is practised too little. It is estimated that about 25 million people (of both sexes) in the world are infected with the HIV virus. In the modern Western world, AIDS is relatively rare, like syphilis.


The AIDS test

If you want to be tested for AIDS, you must wait three months after the supposed time of infection. There are usually no outward symptoms at this time. And a drop of blood is taken and tested under the microscope. Normally the result comes in after a week or so. There are HIV-checkpoints in some big cities, where you are given the test-result immediately.

Genital Herpes

Herpes is widely known under the name ‘fever blister’ on or around the mouth. It is estimated that more than half of the population carries this virus. In some, from time to time, the virus becomes active due to fever, sunburn, stress or other causes.

Genital Herpes

Symptoms of herpes

Herpes expresses itself in the form of one or more sores on or next to one of the lips. When these sores are visible, especially when they are opening up, it is necessary to avoid contact with other mucous skin found on the mouth, vagina, penis or anus. It takes about two weeks for theinfection to work itself out.

Symptoms and treatment of genital herpes

Genital herpes, which is far less frequent than labial herpes, can be transmitted by intimate sexual contact just as labial herpes can be transmitted by kissing. The process from infection to a retraction is similar. It begins with a tingling feeling, which is recognisable to someone who has had a herpes experience before. It is then imperative to apply an anti-viral ointment. This can halt they further development of the infection.


If no action is taken, for instance because the tingling feeling has not been noticed or recognised, painful blisters appear, after a few days, on our around the genitals. These, too, can be treated with the ointment, which will reduce the symptoms, but probably cannot prevent the blisters from developing and opening up. Without treatment, the blisters break open after a number of days. This may be accompanied by a rise in temperature, feeling under the weather, and swollen glands. After a week or so the virus retracts and their skin returns to normal. The virus remains dormant, and may become active again after a period of months, especially if the infection is recent. Later, the virus becomes less active, and someone may be free of complaints for many years.

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