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6 Ways to Make it Last Longer in Bed

6 Ways to Make it Last Longer in Bed

6 Ways to Make it Last Longer in Bed

Don’t forget afterplay

Falling asleep right after sex all the time is a huge post-coital turn-off. Your partner isn’t a sleeping pill. You’ve just shared something beautiful; why not prolong the pleasure a little by indulging in a few kisses, caresses and whispers?

6 Ways to Make it Last Longer in Bed2

Be the boss

Taking charge in the bedroom can be a huge rush. For you, as well as for him. You don’t have to be a whip-wielding, leather-sporting dominatrix for this, of course. Simply tell him what to do, to himself and to you. And what not to do until you “allow” him to. Grrr!

6 Ways to Make it Last Longer in Bed3

Talk away

Be it sweet nothings or dirrrrty, nasty somethings, a little talk between the sheets can be sensuous fun. Start with ”innocent” remarks about how hot and desirable he is, how you would like to devour him, throw around a few sex terms and allude to some naughty things you would you would like to try

6 Ways to Make it Last Longer in Bed4

Experiment away

A new position (that doesn’t require you to be a contortionist), new bedroom accessories (the likes of sex-compatible food, sensuous music or some naughty toys) or a new bedroom buddy (the human kind)…

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Change foreplay

The very first time you have sex, it’s always better to take it slow, and sensual. Spend time on foreplay and when you are finally ready, lie on your back and lift your legs. Let your man slide into you slowly and feel the passion rise. Move rhythmically while in the missionary position and you are sure to have one of the best nights of your life.

6 Ways to Make it Last Longer in Bed5

There’s a difference between full-blown sex and a quickie. A few tips to enjoy the former in all its mind-blowing glory.

soft rock

Start and stop

Start and stop: And then, there’s always the classic start-and-stop technique to fall back on. This is mainly about the man controlling his urge to come. Just when he’s nearing the pinnacle of pleasure, he abruptly stops/slows down and starts from scratch. It could take a while for your bodies to get used to the start-and-stop rhythmLie on your back and let your man lie on you facing you. Instead of him resting on his elbows, ask him to hold you and put all his weight on you. Make sure your feet are touching as he slowly enters you. Now both of you move rhythmically. As you rock him up and down, get ready to go to pleasure heaven. (Warning: Try this one only if you can take his weight.)

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