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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Chennai:

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to erect or maintain an erected penis during a sexual act. Erectile dysfunction not only impacts your sex life but also bears psychological consequences. Erectile dysfunction is a non-starter for sex and can make you a sex-spoiler for your partner. There are many causes for erectile dysfunction, but it can be treated. Talking about erectile dysfunction can be embarrassing, so that’s why we keep your treatment confidential. Regular visit to our clinic will help you get back the lost rhythm.


Male Infertility Treatment in Chennai:

Male infertility is on the rise and it affects the chances of a man to get promoted as a Dad. Get treated for male infertility at our clinic and enhance the chances of your fatherhood. Male infertility occurs due to lack of semen, inadequate sperm production and erectile dysfunction. Major reasons behind poor sperm count is excessive smoking, alcohol consumption, and erectile dysfunction. Male infertility can be cured with regular treatment at our Dr Rahman Sexual Health Clinic.


Premature Ejaculation Treatment in Chennai:

Experiencing orgasm is the ultimate goal of sex. But reaching the climax without any action is a matter of failure. Premature ejaculation is a no-boner for sex. It is a serious problem that can put you and your partner in distress and make sex less satisfying. And a less satisfied sex life can even lead to the dissolving of relationship. Few causes of premature ejaculation are performance anxiety, stress and depression. We at Dr Rahman Sexual Health Clinic in Chennai provide utmost care to help you recover from premature ejaculation and prolong your sexual activity.


About Dr.Rahman

Dr. Rahman is a Sexologist practicing in Chennai. The doctor is qualified in Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S) and has an experience of 23 years in this field.

Unfortunately the majority of people who suffer from sexual problems do so in silence and never take help of a sexologist and medical professionals. The result is ruined relationships, divorce, loss of self confidence and self esteem and increased level of stress. This is totally AVOIDABLE.

We at Dr. Rahman Sex Clinic understand that talking about and seeking a solution for your sex related problem can be embarrassing and intimidating and that is why we 100% GUARANTEE YOUR PRIVACY. Your details will NEVER be shared with any third party.

  • You and your partner can start enjoying sex like never before! (All your doubts and frustrations will disappear and you will emerge as a new and fully confident person)
  • You will be able to transform your relationship into a deep lasting and a passionate one.
  • You will not suffer any side effects usually associated with the use of certain medications for the treatment of sexual problems like erectile dysfunction.
  • Online consultation ensures that you can now get access to qualified professionals irrespective of your location.
  • Quick consultation turnaround time means that you can get your problem diagnosed and resolved very fast and be on your way to enjoying great sex with your partner at the soonest.

So get your Online Consultation right now to get rid of all your stress, resentment and hurt that you feel due to sex related problems and start on a new journey of sexual freedom and intimacy with your partner.

Online sexual health consultation

We care for your privacy, your health and your time Care For Your Privacy, Your Health and Your Time.

Your privacy is 100% Guaranteed as I never share your data or details with any other third party. The online consultation is only Rs. 200/- only and you get to consult with me multiple times. If you are suffering from any of the above mentioned problems and really want to get rid of all the frustration and doubts.

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